Vapur FAQ

Q: How do I clean my Anti-Bottle?
A: They're dishwasher-safe!  No dishwasher? Simply hand wash with warm water and soap.  Blow air into the bottle and place upside down on drying rack to dry.

Q: How do I fill my Anti-Bottle?
A: Unscrew your SuperCap to expose the Wide Mouth opening.  Then blow air into the bottle to expand the gusset fully, fill, screw cap back in place, and flip cap open to enjoy your cold water!

Q: Do I need to wash my bottle before first use?
A: The Vapur Anti-Bottles are manufactured to food safety standards.  We do however recommend that you wash before first use.  If you are not able to, or you forget- no worries! :)

Q: Will the Anti-Bottle stand on its own?
A: Yes!  If you hold your bottle by the seams when drinking, it will allow air to stay inside the bottle and therefore will have the ability to stand on it's own, even while empty!  For this to happen, the bottom of the bottle needs to be fully expanded.

Q: Where are Vapur Anti-Bottles made?
A: Vapur has multiple manufacturing locations from the US to Germany to China. All Vapur products are marked with the country of origin on the product itself. Find this marking by looking at the lower corner of your Anti-Bottle.  The majority of Vapur Anti-Bottles are now manufactured in China.

Q: I just purchased a flask and am excited to try it out.  How do I fill it?
A: All Incognito flexible flasks come with a pourer.  To fill your flask, put the pourer into the bottle of alcohol and then pour into the flask opening.  It can help to put the end of the pourer inside the flask opening itself to avoid any spillage!

Q: I see Vapur also makes the DrinkLink system.  Which bottles is this compatible with?
A: The DrinkLink is compatible with all Vapur Wide Mouth Anti-Bottles. For convenience, we have sets for both.  We paired the DrinkLink system with the 1.5L Anti-Bottle.

Q: Are there any tricks to getting my bottle perform to it's full capacity?
A: Yes!  To fully expand, blow air into the bottle prior to filling!  This will allow you to fill the bottle to it's full capacity.  To leave air in the bottle when drinking, hold it by the seams.  This makes it so that the bottle will continue to stand on it's own as the water level changes.

The SuperCap unscrews from the bottle to reveal a wide mouth opening.  The SuperCap has an orange O-ring that helps seal the cap with bottle.  Make sure the O-ring is pushed all the way up on the cap base. 

To roll up tightly when empty, flatten the bottle and get rid of excess air by pressing down.  Roll the bottle from the bottom up- a few folds.  Push the clip down over the rolled bottle to keep in place.

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