John Peakes

Currently living

Ojai, California

What's the best advice you've been given

"Work hard and try to maintain a positive attitude no matter the circumstance."


I like all kinds of stuff. I'd say over all the soundtrack to my life has been Punk Rock. I also listen to a lot of Blue Grass, Country, and Indie-Rock, Reggae. When I'm running or need to get pumped up for some sort of physical activity, I put on Dub Step or other electronic type tunes.

Fondest Memory

The day and weeks following the birth of my son.

Best place for a Retreat

My family has a small cabin on a lake in Maine. I grew up spending a lot of time there and still try to get back there as much as I can. It's an outdoorsman's play ground with great fly fishing, hiking/ trail running, wildlife viewing, or just chilling on the porch with a cold beer.

Beach or Mountains

This is a tough one. I grew up and still live in Ojai, California which is a small town about 100 miles North West of Los Angeles. It sits in a valley at the foot of the Topa Topa Mountains of the Southern California Transverse Range and the Los Padres National Forest. Ojai is also only about 15 miles from the Ventura coast line. In the winter you can surf in the morning and then be in the mountains playing in the snow later that same day. I'd say I spend an equal amount of time in both the mountains and the beach.

Favorite word or saying

"It's better to do the more difficult right than the easy wrong."

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